Announcing Our New Test Lease Program

Spencer Strainer Systems is now offering a monthly lease on most models of Strainer. This enables you to verify the strainer’s performance in your application, at low risk. Test leases are also available on customized equipment, costs may vary. To learn about the features of the program, click here.

Spencer Strainers - A Self-Cleaning Filter System

Welcome to Spencer Strainer Systems. This unique equipment was invented and patented by our founder, Glen Spencer over 25 years ago. Over time, the Spencer Strainer has proven reliable and cost effective as a self-cleaning filter system in a number of categories, including:

        - Peanut Butter
        - Toothpaste
        - Wastewater
        - Polymers
         - Coatings
        - Adhesives
        - Tomato Sauce
        - Dairy

It has also been successful in reducing risk of exposure and reducing downtime and maintenance in all fields.

Our strainers are customized to your application. The Spencer Strainer is also a green filtration system method.

Look through our site to learn more and then contact us so we can show you more about Spencer Strainers.

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Donnie Thomas MSD Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Metropolitan Sewer District

Due the large volume of process water we handle, it is important to have a process water filtration system that is permanent, automatic, and self-cleaning. We turned to a local manufacturer, Spencer Strainer Systems, which is a division of the Spencer Machine & Tool Company. I like its robust construction of 316 stainless steel, and its durability. When you operate around the clock, a well-built, sturdy piece of equipment is a must. Also, Spencer’s people provide fast service from their on-hand parts inventory. Most parts are available to ship the same day.

I like the Spencer Strainer, and I think you will, too.



3A Certified for the Dairy Industry