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Sherwin-Williams Paint & Coatings Traffic Division

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Sherwin Williams has recognized Spencer Strainers as our preferred choice in automatic filtration.

The Spencer Strainer Team has made it on a short list of outstanding engineered products used by the Memphis Traffic Division and we consider them to be the best on the market after several side by side test comparisons with one their main competitor’s units. This test was performed with the units using one of the most concentrated paint formulations we make. The main problem’s we have had with using automatic filters vs bag filters in the past have been mechanical durability and filtering the trash from our product without stripping our key ingredients. The Spencer unit won that test hands down 8 years ago, and is currently in use today. The original purchase from 8 years ago still runs flawlessly, having only replaced a worm gear provided free of charge and a clutch. We have since purchased three more units. This entitles Spencer Strainer as a first choice in all future filtration system purchases. The Memphis Plant is proud to recognize The Spencer Team on any type of filtration needs as well as their outstanding sales and service.

Sherwin Williams is a fortune 500 company that has been recognized as one of the top 100 companies to work for. The key in our success has been based on the same tactics we use when choosing products to help us produce the finest paint on the market today. The quality of our products is our number one priority, beside the safety of our employees. So, when we come across a supplier who runs their business in a similar way, it’s important for us to recognize them as a preferred choice for our future purchases. Spencer Strainer is the type of company that has helped us stay successful for over 100 years. This is why we stand behind our recommendation and continue to use our preferred vendors.

In closing:

Based on our experience, over the last 8 years of using Spencer’s products, we feel confident that no one will be disappointed in their products, sales and service.  

Corey Malone
Maintenance Engineer Manager
Sherwin Williams
Memphis, TN